Acting Industry Terminology

Acting Industry Terminology

Do You Know Your Noddy Shot From Your Noh?

Like every industry on the planet the acting industry has its own terminology. Some acting industry terminology is just weird. It will also vary from country to country.

For those of you with English as a second language who want to work in the English language acting industry this can be particularly challenging.

What are you going to do when an AD tells you to study the Laundry List? How about if you’re asked to ‘Cashew’ when you enter a scene?

Cashew Acting Industry Terminology

It’s important for you to understand at least some of the slang and general terminology. From your own point of view you need to make sure you’re doing what you have been asked to do. From a professional perspective it’s best to appear competent.

That said, once on set the industry is generally supportive and inclusive. However if you’re not sure what is being said you can risk mis-communication with everyone on set. Try and keep fellow actors, production crew, producers and directors in your corner.

Learning Acting Industry Terminology

Acting industry terminology is essential for you to know. Everyone wants a frictionless production and if people need to explain terms and phrases to you again and again, it is likely that irritation will begin to appear.

So, how do you go about getting the terminology down? If English is your second language this is particularly difficult. There are various books that you can trawl through for the phrases. Also some websites offering limited information. It’s far better for you to learn face to face and question as you go along.

At English for Actors we incorporate acting industry terminology in one of the modules on our workshops. We cover all the most important terms, spend time making sure you know and understand clearly. You’ll even get a takeaway with the most relevant terminology. What’s more, as English for Actors alumni you’ll be able to get our support if you ever do get stuck.

The last thing for us to say now, hit your mark and check out our workshops. We’re ready for ‘The Martini’.

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