Reveler of the Soul, Wild Spirit Unbound: An Electrifying Profile

They say life’s a swirling mess of contradictions, a maddening ride down a highway littered with random thoughts, obsessions, and the occasional epiphany. Well, take a swig of your ice-cold beer and let me unravel this wild yarn for you.

The Japanese Odyssey

Chasing Lightning with a fork
Now, picture this: I’m planted in the heart of Japan, wrestling with their tongue-twisting language. The language? Japanese. Yeah, I know, it’s like chasing lightning with a fork. But hell, it’s a dance of frustration and fascination I’ve committed to.

Sustainability, My New Religion

Let’s talk about living green. I’m on a mission to make this world a little less messed up, embracing a sustainable lifestyle. Recycling, composting, and saying no to plastic like it’s the devil’s work. It’s a rebellion against the chaos we’ve created.
Devils work

The Literary Obsession

I’m an addict, alright. Books are my vice. Murakami Haruki, Martin Amis, Milan Kundera, Karl Ove Knaussgard – they’re some of my literary drug lords, and I’m their junkie. The pages are my escape, my solace, my madness.

Celluloid Reverie

Talking ’bout movies, I’m no fan of Hollywood’s glitz. I prefer the gritty backstreets of art-house cinema, where Wim Wenders reigns supreme. His “Wings of Desire”? Pure, unadulterated cinematic ecstasy.

Soul Groovin' to New Retro Beats

When it comes to music, I don’t do the mainstream. New Retro Soul is my jam. It’s the kind of music that slinks into your bones, the rhythm of rebellion.

My Virtual Kingdom

A keyboard warrior, that’s me. Working from home, building connections in the digital ether. In this age, your online tribe’s your lifeline. Stronger, crazier, and more real than any cubicle colony.

Gypsy Soul

I’ve been a wanderer, man. I’ve lived and toiled in more countries than most folks can name. The world’s my canvas, and I’ve splashed my colors across it.

Booze & Brews

Sake, red wine, whiskey (the e’s important) shochu – they’ve all kissed my lips. But nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats that ice-cold beer on a sweltering day. It’s the elixir of the gods, the nectar of survival.

My Multinational Roots

My family tree? It’s a global affair, a carnival of cultures from over ten different nationalities. We’re a wild, eclectic bunch, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Two Wheels, One Dream

On a good day, I ride a motorbike scooter, tearing through the asphalt wilderness. Freedom, they call it. The wind in your hair, the road beneath your feet – it’s therapy on two wheels.

Leather Work Passion

Leathercrafting’s in my blood. I design and hand-stitch leather goodies – bags, wallets, you name it. It’s not just art; it’s a manifestation of my soul.

Voice in the Void

Within the caverns of sound, I’m a virtuoso of versatility, an alchemist of audio. My craft extends beyond the ordinary; not only do I teach corporate bigwigs the intricacies of language, but I also sculpt the voices of Japanese actors for English-speaking roles. In the realm of voice acting, I breathe life into scripts, orchestrating a symphony of sounds that transcends borders and cultures.
microphone image

The Great Corporate Escape

Corporate Escape
Corporate world? Never fitted in, never wanted to. I’m the square peg in a round hole, the rebel who dances to his own dissonant tune.

Zen and the Art of Meditation

Meditation, transcendental style – it’s my daily ritual, my dose of sanity. Yoga’s the yin to my meditation yang. Keeps me grounded, in a world spinning out of control.

Vinyl Reverie

Vinyl’s my relic, my portal to the past. It’s not music; it’s an experience. A tactile, immersive journey into sound.

Houses Re-imagined

I’ve resurrected a couple of houses from the dead, breathed life into their decaying bones. It’s a resurrection of memories, a dance with history.
House Style

The Dog Dilemma

Now, I’ve got a canine conundrum. I’ve never had a dog as a grown-up, but that’s gonna change. A Jack Russell or a Whippet? The suspense is killing me.

World Citizen's Revelation

You see, in my chaotic, contradictory, and colorful life, one truth remains constant: “People are people.” We’re all on the same carnival ride, fighting the same demons, dreaming the same dreams, no matter where we’re from.

So, here’s to the chaos, the contradictions, and the endless curiosity that keeps this wild heart beating. Grab a beer, join the circus, and let’s ride this rollercoaster together.